Q: How to I use the Designer Tool? 

A: We have made a tutorial video for you here.


Q: How many A4 prints can fit onto a metre sheet?

A: You can fit 7 A4 prints onto a sheet.


Q: How many A3 prints can fir onto a metre sheet?

A: You can fit 3 A3 prints onto a 1 metre sheet.


Q: How do I press it to the garment?

A: We have made a tutorial video for you here.


Q: Do you offer free samples?

A: We do! You can order yours here


Q:Can my artwork be fine/ thin or tranparent?

A: We recommend you do not make your artwork lines too thin as you will likely have issues when applying. When printing, the transfers have a white under base behind the primary colour. If your prints are too thin the white under base may be choked out and the print itself will only have a small amount of glue applied to the reverse making it more difficult to transfer.

If you make your artwork translucent (not 100% solid) this will result in less glue behind the print as the glue needs the white base to stick to. Resulting in difficulty transferring to the garment or item.
DTF is unable to do clean fades because of how the powder glue sticks to the transfer. Fades will always have a light halo effect.